Discrete Braces Cheltenham

Discrete braces are suitable for adults. They are great way of improving your smile simply but are NOT a substitute for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.  They are fixed onto the teeth usually on top and bottom jaws together.  They use low grade forces to pull the teeth into line along an almost invisible wire.  Regular visits are required to change the wire as the teeth get straighter. Most people’s treatment takes less than 6 months.  Fixed on retainers are recommended for life to stop the teeth moving back.  In addition we recommend using a removable retainer at night for as long as you want the teeth to be kept straight.

At Michael Shipway and Associates we are thrilled to be able to offer you a choice of packages for your new straight teeth smile.  We offer several internationally recognised Brace systems including Six Month Smiles, CFast and Quick Straight Teeth so we can find the right options for you.

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Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are for adults and are NOT a substitute for comprehensive specialist orthodontic treatment. They can be either removable and made of clear plastic which allows you to go about your day with them unnoticeably OR they are fixed in place behind the teeth where no-one can see.  The removable type are taken out for eating, the fixed are just that- fixed in place.

Invisible braces are NOT suitable for everyone.  There are some tooth problems they just can’t solve.  Both types of invisible braces will require regular visits to your dentist to change wires or get the latest removable aligner fitted.  Most people’s straightening treatment is completed in around only 6 months although this varies. Both types of braces will require retainers, ideally bonded on the teeth, as well as removable ones for overnight wear, for life.


I am currently getting Cfast braces done at Michael Shipway and Associates and so far they have been really helpful with my treatment. I'm usually really nervous but my dentist is really gentle and calming.
First class service, I truly felt special and looked after particularly as I am not the best of patients in a dentist chair. I would Highly recommend to everyone very nice people professional and at a moderate price to match. Thank you and see you soon!

Our Dentist

Dr David Watson


David arrives at Cheltenham with over 25 years’ experience in providing high quality dentistry. He has special interests in all aspects of Cosmetic focused Dentistry, Endodontics and Minimal Intervention Dentistry. He is also trained to provide adult braces, implants and facial aesthetics (anti-wrinkle treatments).

He was until recently a Director of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and continues to sit on several committees. He is a regular attender of postgraduate training meetings all over the UK and Europe.

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