Carol – Dental Fillings

I had a general checkup and it revealed I needed a small filling and that was arranged for the following day I think or the next couple of days, and I had that done, it didn’t take long, perfectly straight forward and its nice to know its all sorted now.

I’ve been coming here for a very very long time and they don’t have much turnover of staff which is nice, because you get to know people like the Receptionist and the Dentist so that’s good to be able to see the same people all the time.  I’ve built up a kind of relationship with them and whenever you ring they are always very friendly, courteous and helpful, it’s a very pleasant environment anyway.

The benefits of having my treatment done here is really its very convenient to physically get here. Whenever I ring up to make an appointment, they can always manage to fit me in somewhere, I don’t have to wait weeks and weeks. I’m sure a lot of places you do, and I know that they are going to be good and reliable and do a good job.

It’s nice to know my teeth are healthy and that they are being looked after and when you have the scale and polish it’s a lovely fresh, clean felling and you now you are doing the very best for yourself and you’re not frightened to smile at people and that kind of thing.”

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