Why having healthy gums is so important

Regular dental care should include attention not only to the teeth, but also the gums that support them. If your gums are not looked after, it can lead to inflammation and degradation of the bone surrounding the teeth and eventually premature loss of teeth. This why having healthy gums is so important.

If you don’t take care of your gums you can experience many issues such as; inflamed or bleeding gums, disease affecting gum tissue and underlying bone and gum disease that arises because of implants.

There are many things you can do ensure your gums stay healthy. Good dental hygiene, regular dental check-ups and visits to the hygienist are the essential ingredients of good periodontal health.

How to take care of your gums:
• Using a mouthwash between brushing
• Brushing your teeth regularly, at least twice a day
• Flossing after brushing
• Supporting healthy bacteria in the mouth – with probiotic yoghurts or green tea
• Avoiding foods that are high in sugar
• Quit smoking.

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