Jayne – Veneers Patient

I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, which was caused through shingles which affects the top part of my jaw.  Therefore, anything the dentist does, makes it quite difficult.

I had to have 2 veneers replaces on my front teeth and I came here and saw David and he immediately put me at ease.  I always find him straight forward, hes very professional, hes very gentle which in my case is very important but when you talk to him, theres no flannel, he just gets to the point which is reassuring.

When you come in, you’re warmly welcomed, you don’t feel that you’re just a number on a screen, they actually know who you are.

I feel they have a holistic approach to it, its not just a dentist, a hygienist, it’s a proper rounded treatment.

One of the main benefits is that I can smile again because its been quite a while since being able to smile and its also if something goes wrong I’m not living in fear and trepidation about coming to the dentist.”

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