Jeanette – Root Canal

The last treatment I had done was a big one – it was a root canal filling on a very large tooth.  My feelings about the treatment at this practice is that they are very professional, they are very up to date with dental practice, its good value for money and you can’t put a price on your teeth, you’ve only got one set.

The dentist who treated me is Mr. Wood and I really enjoy having him as my dentist, which may sound like a weird thing to say but he’s very calm, he calms me down, he makes me feel safe and he takes time to explain what he’s doing so he proceeds with the treatment, which I find very calming.

Since having the treatment done here, I’m much less afraid to visit the dentist and when I leave, I feel very safe, I feel that the treatment I’ve been given has been good and I leave with a smile.

The advice that I give to people who are thinking of having treatment at this practice is DO IT!, its really worth the money, you wont regret it, you’ll be in good hands and you’ll know that you’re teeth are being well looked after.”

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