Michael – Dental Fillings

“I’d felt a small hole in my tooth, so I made an appointment to come in. A couple of weeks later, I came in and had the treatment, I had a filling in the tooth, the tooth already had a filling in it anyway, so there’s quite a lot of filling in that tooth now so its going to need crowning in the not to distant future.  Mr. Woods has advised me of the process and hopefully in the New Year, I’ll come in and have that done.

I’m not a great fan of dentists, I don’t think anybody really is, but if you come here, its always a nice calm atmosphere, there’s never a crowded waiting room, you can get an appointment fairly quickly, so yes that’s the reason basically, speed and efficiency.

My view of Mr. Wood is very friendly, he talks you through the process, you always know what he’s about to do before he does it.

He’s very good at killing the pain before he gives you the injections, you don’t feel the need of worrying about anything like that which is wonderful.  I think he’s a very good dentist.

I’m no longer anxious about what needs doing. Ok there’s going to be a crown and OK it’s good to cost a bit of money, but I kind of know what’s going to happen.  Mr. Wood takes X-rays, shows you on the X-rays what’s happening, talks you through it and as I said I feel confident and more relaxed.

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