Nikki – Orthodontics

“Life before the treatment was absolutely fine. It was only when I was with some girlfriends of mine and one of them had decided that she was going to have her teeth done, and I thought, “Oh, I couldn’t think that I needed it done anyway,” then I did decide to have a bit of a look at my teeth. And I realized that on my lower teeth, it was really overlapping. One of the teeth was really overlapping and I thought, “You know what? I’m just going to find out about it,” and so I came down here and that was great.

The practice and the staff are fantastic. They’re very kind, they’re very welcoming, they know me by name. They couldn’t be more helpful and polite, and it’s really easy to come here, and it’s very pleasant experience. When they took the braces off, there were a few stages because he then needed to go back again and have a bit of straightening and leveling of the teeth and then whitening as well. So it just got better. So no, absolutely delighted, really pleased I made the decision to do it.

Well since I’ve had the treatment, of course, I keep looking at my teeth and he also straightened them a little bit to match because obviously in the past I’ve been grinding my teeth a little bit, so he straightened them and then I’ve whitened them a little bit. So of course, I’m just delighted to show off my teeth to everybody now, but I’ve got something to make sure that they stay straight in there so I’m getting used to that, but now I’m fine, thrilled.

I’d definitely recommend the practice to anybody because everybody’s just so lovely here. I recognise the same faces, that it’s all familiar and they know who I am, and they’ve looked after my teeth for, as I said, about 15 something years. And my family have been here as well.

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