Patient Stories

We have a number of patient testimonial videos for different dental treatments here at Michael Shipway & Associates Dental Practice In Cheltenham.  

Fillings Patient - Michael's Story

“My view of Mr. Wood is very friendly, he talks you through the process, you always know what he’s about to do before he does it. He’s very good at killing the pain before he gives you the injections, you don’t feel the need of worrying about anything like that which is wonderful. I think he’s a very good dentist.”

Root Canal Patient - Jeannette's Story

The dentist who treated me is Mr. Wood and I really enjoy having him as my dentist, which may sound like a weird thing to say but he’s very calm, he calms me down, he makes me feel safe and he takes time to explain what he’s doing so he proceeds with the treatment, which I find very calming.

Veneers Patient - Jayne's Story

When you come in, you’re warmly welcomed, you don’t feel that you’re just a number on a screen, they actually know who you are. I feel they have a holistic approach to it, its not just a dentist, a hygienist, it’s a proper rounded treatment.

Checkup and Filling Patient - Carol's Story

The benefits of having my treatment done here is really its very convenient to physically get here. Whenever I ring up to make an appointment, they can always manage to fit me in somewhere, I don’t have to wait weeks and weeks. I’m sure a lot of places you do, and I know that they are going to be good and reliable and do a good job.