Robert – Crowns Patient

“Before I had the treatment done, two of the teeth had the sides cleaved off so I had irregular shaped edges to the teeth. So it was livable with, but it was a bit odd having part of the teeth missing.

My thoughts on Dr. Wood, the dentist who carried out my treatment, well, I think he’s a very, very skilled dentist because I’ve been with him for several decades and his treatment has always been first class, in my opinion. He explained that the teeth were too damaged to be filled again and that crowns were the best option.

When I first saw the results, I thought, “I can’t tell which tooth, which teeth, the two teeth, I can’t tell which ones were replaced.” The match is very good. And it’s difficult with fumbling along with your tongue just to feel which tooth has been replaced. Life since the treatment has been fine. And the new crowns are just sitting there comfortably and it’s as if the teeth had never been damaged. It’s excellent. I’m very pleased with it.

I would recommend the practice to others, yes, because I think the people who are here, who I’ve come into contact with, have been very skilled, and that’s what you want in a dentist.

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