Routine Checks

Routine Dental Checks

Regular check-ups and dental hygiene treatments are essential to maintain the health of the teeth and gums. Our aim is to help you keep your teeth for life with comfortable treatment and long lasting results. Regular check ups and cleaning appointments are recommended to ensure your mouth remains healthy.

At your initial consultation and check up we will discuss any problems you may have and will advise you on the condition of your mouth and help devise a suitable treatment plan for you.

At your dental examinations we will be :

  • Checking for tooth decay
  • Checking for gum disease
  • Assessing your oral hygiene
  • Checking your jaw joints
  • Checking for oral cancer

If required we will take X-rays to check your teeth and the bone levels surrounding your teeth.

January 2021
We continue to remain OPEN during the new lockdown and wish to inform you that
travel for dental care is allowed under the new lockdown rules.

We are continuing to do everything we can to keep you and our teams safe and protected.