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Before And After Photos

A simple amalgam filling in a molar tooth with tooth fracture and decay. Replaced using minimally invasive techniques with a white adhesive filling (composite).

Photographs courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury.

Another example of a white filling being used for a full cuspal coverage restoration, this covers ‘fracture prone’ cusps of teeth, enclosing them in white filling material and reducing risk of fracture. The middle image shows decay removal- the dark colour is healthy (stained tooth tissue) removing this is not advised as it can kill the tooth. You can see the shine though of the old amalgam (silver filling) staining on the final filling, this could have been covered with an opaque filling material had it affected the aesthetic zone.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury.

Before (Photo 1) Molar tooth opened for root canal treatment.

After (Photo 2): At the end of the root canal treatment, a full cuspal coverage white (composite) filling has been placed. This is done by hand (chairside). The Purple and white you see on the image are used to keep the tooth isolated increasing the success of the treatment.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury.

A simple replacement of an amalgam (sliver) filling with a composite (white) filling.

You can see the red marks of the paper I use to ensure the bite is comfortable and safe after placing a filling. This reduces risk of sensitivity and discomfort after a filling.

Photographs courtesy of Dr Naomi Alesbury.

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