Tooth Whitening in Cheltenham

Do you feel embarrassed to smile sometimes because your teeth are discoloured or stained?

Would you like a brighter whiter smile?

If you’re considering teeth whitening in Cheltenham, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Michael Shipway Dental Practice in Cheltenham, we offer professional teeth whitening to remove stains caused over time by certain foods, coffee, tea, wine and smoking.

Age, diet and even some medications can cause teeth to stain, but tooth whitening is an affordable and effective way to combat these common causes of tooth discolouration.

Home Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Treatment Which You Can Do in Just a Few Hours a Day!

The tooth whitening treatment involves wearing a custom made bleaching tray which you fill with mild bleaching gel for at least 2 hours a day/night for 2-4 weeks.

The advantages are that it is convenient to use and can also be easily topped up by further applications of the gel in the future.

Please note that any future purchases of top up gel will be at an additional cost.

Some disadvantages are that a small number of patients may experience some sensitivity whilst bleaching, but this normally settles after completion of treatment.

Also please note that Crowns, veneers and fillings cannot be whitened, and may require replacement after whitening is completed due to the difference in colour to the surrounding teeth.

Our dentists will discuss how you can maximize your whitening benefits, for a longer-lasting, natural smile.

Tooth Whitening is The Number One Cosmetic Dental Treatment Requested in the UK.

Having a whiter smile has never been so easy!

Tooth whitening is growing in popularity as more patients demand a brighter, whiter smile. 

Whitening will not change the colour of your teeth completely, but will lighten the shade, without removing any of the tooth surface.


Boost Your Confidence With Professional Teeth Whitening

Today, only dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists and clinical dental technicians working to the prescription of a registered dentist can legally perform tooth whitening.

How Long Will The Effects of Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening can last for up to 3 years, although this depends on your individual circumstances. If you are a smoker or drink lots of stain-able liquids (such as tea and coffee), it is not likely to last as long.

What Our Patients Say

 I am writing to say how much I think the dental practice has improved recently. I have been coming to the practice for over thirty years and have always been pleased with the service I receive. The staff are friendly and approachable, and either phone or send a text to remind me of my appointment the following day which has been very useful. However, the recent redecoration really has been a big improvement.  All in all I have found the practice to be very professional, using the latest technology in the office and the surgery which the interior decoration now reflects, by being both fresh and modern, whilst keeping the elegant charm of the period features of the building.

Mrs Wallace

Meet the Dentists

Michael Shipway

LDS, RCS (London)

Michael is the third generation of the Shipway family to devote his life to dentistry. Michael has a particular interest in cosmetic and preventative dentistry

Stephen Wood

BDS (Bristol)

Stephen practices general family dentistry, with emphasis on the prevention of dental disease and is also an experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist.

David Watson


Over 25 years’ experience in providing high quality dentistry, David has special interests in all aspects of Cosmetic focused Dentistry, Endodontics and Minimal Intervention Dentistry. 

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